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Spores are an essential part of Paracuda anatomy. Their spores are stored in the bulbs on their collars, antennae, and tails. Their color will influence the color that appears on the surface of the bulbs. Paracudas can freely expel spores from their bulbs, or launch bulbs from their tails to use them at a distance, though they take longer to grow back in when they are thrown. The average time it takes for bulbs to regenerate are as follows: 1 day for expelled spores and 3 days for flung spores .

The effects of the spores vary from Paracuda to Paracuda, but will fall within three categories: Logos, Pathos, or Ethos. These are called alignments, and are vital to the identity of Paracudas.

Logos aligned Paracudas produce spores that can cause physical ailments or conditions. Some examples may be fatigue, stomach aches, sudden bursts of energy, and heightened pain tolerance, though the choices go far beyond those listed here.

Pathos aligned Paracudas produce spores that can instill emotions or feelings within individual Paracudas. Some examples may be happiness, sadness, anger, jealousy, and much more. The possibilities are endless!

Ethos aligned Paracudas produce spores that can influence the way they are perceived by others. Some examples may include admiration, protectiveness, spite, and zealotry. There is no limit to the types of influence your Paracuda can have.

To recap, Logos Paracudas can cause physical effects, Pathos Paracudas can cause emotional effects, and Ethos Paracudas can cause mentally influential effects. The different between Pathos and Ethos, which may easily be confused, is that Pathos is stronger when used with individuals, and Ethos is stronger when used in groups. Also, Ethos directly relates to the social standing of a Paracuda, i.e. their credibility or degree of fame.

Additionally, the effects of most spores will only last for a day at a time, and can be cleansed through consuming parts of the gigantaspores. Paracudas of the same alignment will experience lesser effects from one another's spores, ex. an Ethos Paracuda will be socially influenced less than a Logos or Pathos Paracuda.