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Paracudas do not have any major cities or a central gathering location, as the center of the Aeridulchian continent is rather uninhabitable. Instead, a large portion of the populus lives in one of the three towns in the north, west, and east regions of Aeridulch.

To the north is Logosia, the home of most of the Logos aligned Paracudas, which contains the blue gigantaspore. This area is chilly, but not cold enough to break the arid climate.

To the west is Pathodoxia, the home of the majority of Pathos aligned Paracudas. It contains the pink gigantaspore and is known for its abundance of plants and humid weather.

To the east is Ethovale, the home of the bulk of the Ethos aligned Paracudas and the green gigantaspore. The climate here is mild and somewhat windy.