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Paracudas are 5ft (1.5m) tall, sturdy odd-toed ungulates of an extraterrestrial nature. They have three-digit, leathery feet with a thick keratin plate on their underside, and powerful legs built for running. Atop their head are antennae, always with two bulbs. Their necks are adorned with squishy collars, primarily used to contain bulbs, which serve the secondary purpose of protecting their internal organs. Their back has one large, center bulb with smaller auxiliary bulbs surrounding it.

Their tails are covered in tough, stretchy skin, and contain bulbs which can be ejected and will regenerate after 3 days. The faces of Paracudas include a prominent pointed nose, used for digging and combat, large eyes commonly with slit pupils, and thin lips tipped with a partial beak.

Common MYOs will always have slit pupils. Anything higher rarity has unlimited creative liberty with pupils.